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Transitions in Children and Young People

By Catarinaamf Jun 05, 2013 350 Words
Transitions are any significant stage or experience in the life of a child or young person that can affect behaviour and development. Types of transitions:
Emotional - personal experiences such as parent's separating, bereavement, beginning or leaving a place of care. • Physical - change in environments
• Intellectual - maturation, moving from one educational establishment to another. • Physiological – puberty or medical conditions
Effects of transitions of young people and children
Bereavement: may involve sadness, depression, loss of self worth, value and direction in life. Supportive relationships can provide consistency in the knowledge that talking, communicating in ways that help a child come to terms with that sense of loss is healthy - bereavement

• Moving home/area/country
• Moving away from home
• Starting a new college or university
• Change in family structure:
eg. Parents separating - divorce, new siblings, new step parent, step children, new baby • Abuse - physical, emotional, sexual, neglect
• Bullying
• Significant illness or disability

Children and young people examples of transition:
Starting nursery
Illness of a member of the family
Changing friends
Starting primary school
Death of a family member
Coming out as lesbian or gay
Starting secondary school
Separation from parents
Diagnosis of Illness
Changing school
New siblings
Diagnosis of disability
Moving house
Moving through year groups
New step-parents
Entering care
Foster parents
First exams
First sexual experience
Living in a new country
Change of class teacher
Change of head teacher
Movement around school
Transitions within classes
Supply teacher
Living with the illness of a family member

Transitions experienced by most children and young people

 Moving away
 Leaving friends
 Friends moving away
 Puberty
 Starting a new school
 Moving from Juniors to High School

Transitions experienced by some children or young people

 Illness
 Divorce
 New siblings
 New step parent
 Step children
 Bereavement
 New baby

The possible feelings transitions can cause

Negative feelings

 Anxiety
 Nervous
 Embarrassed
 Upset
 Jealousy
 Confused
 Frustrated

Positive feelings
 Contented
 Excited
 Boost self esteem
 Proud

Affect of transitions on children and young people’s development

 Shyness
 Becoming withdrawn
 Being argumentative with parents/carers
 Being anxious
 Unusual behaviour
 Being dismissive
these are all different types of transitions children may go through throughout life

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