Tqm Implementation

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TQM Tools and Techniques
Every organization is different thus they require different combinations of tools and techniques to implement TQM. Examples of these are:
-Taguchi methods – DOE, QFD, TPM
-ISO 9000
Human Resources
-Total Employee Involvement
-Proactive management and Quality circles
-Quality improvement awards such as:
Malcolm Baldridge
Deming Award
European Quality Award
Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award
Area of Contribution of Quality Gurus

PDSA TQM Implementation
Shewhart originally developed the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle and later on Deming modified it as PDSA cycle or Plan, Do, Study, Act.

-Establish objectives
-Establish a plan that will facilitate achieving the goal
-Establish a measurement system
-Plan for implementation and measurements
-Implement the plan on pilot basis
-Compare the results with the objectives
-Identify gaps
-Analyze the causes for gaps and exceptional results, if any
-Standardize procedure that met or exceeded the goal
-If there were gaps, improve the plan to carry out PDSA again Planning Phase of TQM

While it may be easier for the CEO to convince the implementation of TQM to workers and junior employees, the CEO may have problems convincing the first line and senior managers. This is because even if they admit that TQM is beneficial to the organization, they see it as a threat to their positions. Some of the possible reasons why they think so are because: 1) they think that they have to do more work in order to implement TQM. 2) TQM implementation often requires development of new relationships with other workgroups and team leaders or first line managers find it hard to establish authority within their new workgroups. In order for the Announcement phase to be more successful, the CEO must first discuss the matters regarding TQM implementation to the first line and middle managers so that they will be at ease that their authority won’t vanish once TQM is implemented.Also the CEO must convince the employees that implementing TQM doesn’t necessarily mean that they need to work harder but rather, they need to work smarter to avoid hassles in the future.

Select Consultant
Consultants being independent have the ability to give ideas not influenced by the organization and thus these ideas might bring change to the organizational culture. Also it would be easier for an employee to accept the consultant’s idea than an idea given by the employee of the same organization. Therefore the top management needs to hire a competent consultant that would be able to provide the organization the best ideas. They should analyze the consultant’s past experiences, credentials, values, outlook, abilities, communication skills and other attributes.

Corporate Strategic Planning
Corporate Strategic Planning requires important activities like formulating a vision, mission and objectives.

Vision Statement
A vision statement is the vision of the CEO about where will be the organization on the long run. A vision statement should be easily understandable and inspiring to the employees. The vision statement is the long-term goal relevant to the organization.

Mission Statement
The mission statement describes the purpose for which the organization is in business and provides strategies to achieve this purpose. The mission statement should communicate the guiding principles and values held common by the organization.

Quality Policy
The quality policy is aimed at improving the costumers’ perception about the organization and thereby improving the organization’s image. It should be ambitious, clear and unambiguous.

Quality Manual
In connection to the vision statement, mission statement and...
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