Torque Lab Report Analysis

Topics: Force, Addition, Euclidean vector Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: May 8, 2012
Results and Analysis
1. Why were pulleys used in the experiment? Why were the strings not simply run over the edge of the force table? Pulleys were used in this experiment to allow the center ring to hover over the middle and thus allowing a more accurate of what angles and weights would be needed to determine equilibrium. If the strings had simply been run over the edge of the force table, it would have been hard to determine whether or not the center ring was balanced or if it was stuck on the table. 2. Explain why the ring does not accelerate (begin to move from rest) in some configurations even though there are several forces acting upon it. The ring does not accelerate because the several forces acting upon it are at equilibrium. While consisting of different weights, they are balanced with their corresponding distance from each other and the angle they are positioned at. 3. On datasheet 1, draw a diameter that passes through 0° and call this the x-axis. Define which end of the diameter is positive and find the component of each force along the x-axis using trigonometry. Show your working in detail. Draw another diameter that passes through 90° and define which end is positive, call this the y-axis. Determine the component of each force along the y-axis. Find the sum of the components in the x and the y axes. What is the resultant force on the ring? Is this what you expect? See attached graph and calculations.

The resultant force on the ring is 100 grams. This is expected because the third force on the ring is also 100 grams thus making the system in equilibrium. 4. In part 2 of the experiment explain whether you think that the experiment showed that the use of vectors to represent forces was useful in predicting the balance point. What are the advantages of the vector approach? In a lab setting, the advantages of using the vector approach are that you can predict and have an idea where you will need to put the strings in order for the...
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