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1650 and earlier
1430Portuguese start voyages down the west coast of Africa
1492Columbus arrives in Western Hemisphere
1509-1547Henry VII rules England
Protestant reformation begins in England
1558-1603Reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Ireland conquered by England. 1607Jamestown founded
1612Tobacco made a profitable crop by John Rolfe
1619First group of blacks brought to Virginia
First legislative assembly meets in Virginia
1620First Pilgrims in Plymouth
1622Indian attacks in Virginia end hopes of becoming a bi-racial society 1629Great Puritan migration to Massachusetts Bay
1636Harvard founded

1650 1750
1676Bacon's Rebellion
1686Creation of Dominion of New England
1688Glorious Revolution in England
1700250,000 settlers in English colonies
1704First colonial newspaper
1720sColonial economic life quickens
1739-1744Great Awakening
1756-1763French and Indian War

1750 1775
1763Proclamation Line established
1763-1764Pontiac's Rebellion
1764-1765Sugar Act and Stamp Act Controversies
1766Declaratory Act
1767Townshend Act, New York Assembly suspended
1770Boston Massacre
1772Committees of Correspondence formed
1773Boston Tea Party
1774Coercive Acts, First Continental Congress convenes
1775Revolution begins with fighting at Lexington and Concord

1775 1800
1776Declaration of Independence
1777British defeated at Saratoga
1778French join the war against the British
1781Battle of Yorktown
Articles of Confederation ratified
1783Peace signed in Paris
1784-1787Northwest Ordinance of 1784, 1785, and 1787
1786Annapolis Convention
1787Shays' Rebellion
Constitutional Convention
1788Federalist Papers written
Constitution ratified
1789George Washington inaugurated as President of the United States French Revolution begins
1790Capital placed on the Potomac River
1793Citizen Genet
1794Whiskey Rebellion
Indians defeated at Fallen Timbers
1795Jay Treaty, Pinckney Treaty
1798Un-declared war with France
Alien and Sedition Acts
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
1800Jefferson elected

1800 1825
1803Louisiana Purchase
1807-1809Embargo in effect
1808Slave trade ended
1809Non-intercourse Act
1812War with England
1814Treaty of Ghent
1820Missouri Compromise
1820sFirst labor unions formed
Romanticism flourished in America
1823Monroe Doctrine

1828Andrew Jackson elected
1830sRailroad era begins
1831Nat Turner's rebellion
Liberator founded
1832Nullification crisis
1834Whig party formed
1835Texas Revolution, Republic of Texas established
1840sManifest Destiny
Telegraph and railroads create a communications revolution
1846Mexican War begins
1848Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo ended Mexican War. U. S. acquires California and territory of New Mexico which includes present-day Nevada, Utah, Arizona, new Mexico, and part of Colorado. 1849Gold discovered in California

1850Compromise of 1850
California admitted to the union
Fugitive Slave Law strengthened

1853Gadsden Purchase
1854Kansas-Nebraska Act
Republican Party formed
1856Violence in Kansas
Senator Sumner attacked in the Senate
1858Lincoln-Douglas Debates
1859John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry
1860Democratic Party splits apart
Abraham Lincoln elected 16th President of the United States
Lower South secedes
1861Confederate States of America formed
Civil War begins at Fort Sumter
Upper South secedes
North is defeated at the first battle of Bull Run
1862Battle of Antietam
Morill Tariff, Homestead Act
Emancipation Proclamation issued (effective January 1, 1863) 1864Grant's wilderness campaign
Sherman takes Atlanta
Sherman's "March to the Sea"
1865Sherman takes South and North Carolina
Lee surrenders at Appomattox Court House
Thirteenth Amendment abolishes slavery
Lincoln assassinated
Andrew Johnson becomes President
KKK formed
1867First Reconstruction Act launches Radical Reconstruction Alaska purchased
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