Time Management

Topics: Barack Obama, Democratic Party, Illinois Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: April 22, 2014
previewing assignment
Big pictures overview of main ideas and themes
Skim table of contents, preface, chapter elements
Step 1: Ask yourself what you know about the topic
oSummarize what you already know about topic
Step 2 : Write questions linked to chapter headings
oExamine chapter headings and write down any questions about headings on piece of paper or in margins for book. Read
After surveying and questioning, retain what you read.
oFocus on the key points of your survey – boldface type, raised headings, chapter objectives and summary. oFocus on your Q-stage questions – Read with purpose of answering the “questions” written in the margin of book or separate piece of paper. Write down or highlight ideas related to your questions. oMark up your text, and take text notes – Write notes in margin or separate paper, circle ideas, highlight key points that you want to study for exams. oCreate text tabs – Place plastic index tabs or adhesive notes at the start of different chapters to flip back and forth with ease. •Find Main Idea

oSearch for topic of paragraph – Topic of paragraph is not the same as main idea, it is broad subject being discussed – President Barack Obama, hate crimes on campus, or the Internet. oIdentify the aspect of the topic that is the paragraph’s focus – If general topic is President Barack Obama, the author may focus on different aspects of that topic, such as health-care policies, first African American president, or public speaking talent. oFind what the author wants you to know about that aspect; this is the main idea – The main idea of a paragraph on President Obama as a public speaker may be: President Obama is a charismatic speaker who uses his oratorical skills to encourage the American people in times of crisis. •Prioritize Reading Assignments

oAsk what is important to remember
Is the information stressed in headings, charts, tables, captions, key...
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