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1.0 Introduction
In our life today, computer is one of the many inventions that greatly affected our way of living. In fact, it is regarded as an essential tool in any organization and establishment that exists. It can perform operation and process data rapidly, accurately and reliably and by using this task as easy as possible and nothing seems too tiring. Technological improvements can be useful tools to help in the development of new methods to eliminate the disadvantages of the classical methods while enhancing its advantages. Improving our technology will make us do our things faster than we thought. That is why we come up into the idea of improving the manual generating report on student attendance. Generating report on attendance of students into classrooms is important and can be considered as the starting point towards attaining a good education. Among the classical methods of generating report on attendance are looking for a document or class record and check if there is a student that does not attend for the whole semester or month. The instructor will generate a report on student attendance manually based on their record. That is why we developed software, list of ongoing classes report generator. LOGC Report Generator System makes easy to the instructor to generate a report on student attendance. It is software developed for daily student attendance in school and to generate student attendance report to be passed by the faculty head easily. It will also help the faculty head to get the report easily and to give the reports to administrator easily. It facilitates to access the attendance information of a particular student in a particular class. This system will also help in evaluating attendance eligibility criteria of a student. It will help the administrator and the faculty head to get the accurate report on student attendance.

2.1 Background of the Company 
STI was organized in 1983, when entrepreneurs Augusto C. Lagman, Herman T. Gamboa, Benjamin A. Santos and Edgar H. Sarte set up the Systems Technology Institute to train people in programming and IT, they had a vision of molding Filipino youth for nation building with the mission providing quality computer education to as many Filipinos as possible At first there were two schools, and now there are more than 100. But started last 2006, the acronym of STI is no longer the meaning as Systems Technology Institute because it is not only the school of Technology and Sciences but with Health, Arts, Managements, Businesses, Hospitality and Culinary school. It is only STI College without meaning but the school for learning students. But still in this present, IT and CS courses is the largest population in this school. To fulfill its promise, STI innovate academic delivery to its students. Reaching out by making quality education accessible across the nation and across the region, STI paved the way for more opportunity is beyond information technology. It also integrated the foundation of education with the establishment of the pre-school, grade school, and high school. Strengthening its commitment to academic excellence, STI continue to redefine the education landscape through its unique approach to human resources development. STI institutionalized the first and the only Enrollment to Employment System, preparing students for real world challenges. The construction of STI College Southwoods was accomplished on October 14, 1995. It was inaugurated on August 23, 1996 as part of their obligation to provide our youth with quality education in computer science and allied studies and help build strong technology industry in our country. In 1996, STI College Southwoods was opened as STI’s first Multi Disciplinary Center of Excellence located in Carmona, Cavite. It offers a comprehensive curriculum accredited by the top international companies, highly experienced academic staff, modern building, spacious campus and air-conditioned classrooms. And...
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