Theory of Knowledge Journal (Explain How Human and Natural Sciences Are Similar)

Topics: Science, Stanford prison experiment, Scientific method Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Explain how the Human and Natural Sciences are similar.

The human and natural sciences are similar in a sense that the two subjects require a certain theory or perhaps hypothesis in order to conduct an experience and such. By means, let’s take psychology and physics as an example. In both sciences, scientists/psychologists require a generated hypothesis to investigate a certain study. Hypothesis acts as a guiding question to some extent for them since it is their goal to find out if their generated hypothesis is correct or incorrect. The significance of hypothesis is that it is a logical statement which requires a variable. Likewise, in order for a hypothesis to work, there must be two variables and put into a logical statement; if variable x….then variable y. Besides, without theories, both human and natural sciences would lose its purpose as well as credibility. This is because without a purpose for investigation, both sciences would be pointless. Yet, the use of theories as well as hypothesis is a similar aspect between the two sciences since generating hypothesis develops the purpose of any investigation.

However on the other hand, the difference between human and natural sciences are that a human science mostly revolves around the aspect of human behavior. Though, natural sciences require investigation beyond human behaviors. Human sciences such as Psychology are concerned of an individual’s psychological features in general. For instance, the famous Stanford Prison experiment conducted by Philip Zimbardo aimed to investigate the effect of roles of prisoner and guard as a cause of a certain abusive behavior in prison. In this experiment, Zimbardo assigned participants in a role of either guards or prisoners. As the experiment proceeded, participants who played the role of prisoners began to feel uncomfortable with the experiment which has also resulted in a few withdraws. The outcome of the experiment suggests that roles play a major in one’s behavior...
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