Theo 202 - Quiz 7

Topics: Christian eschatology, Book of Revelation, Apocalypticism Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Quiz 7 Study Guide
Towns: pp. 780–808
How will the Antichrist (world ruler) assert his domination over the world? ➢
Note the various names used in Scripture to describe the Great Tribulation period. Note also how many of these names are found in the Old Testament and how the primary focus during this period is upon Israel. Be able to identify the following as to their identity and sequence during the Tribulation period: • The covenant of “peace” made by the Antichrist

o Promises peace to isreal but it will not last long • Seven Seals of Judgment:
o 1st of 3. As each scroll is broken, a specific judgement is made. 1-white horseman=war, 2-rider on red horse=nopeace, 3-black horse=famine, 5-martyred saints, 6-natural phenomena, final-awesome silence preparing for trumpets • The 144,000: marked by God for world evangelazation • The Two Witnesses: preachers who could be Enoch and Elijah, killed by beast and bodies lay in streets of Jerusalem, they are raptured and resurrected. • The Seven Trumpets: 1-nature destroyed, 2- sea to blood, 3-pollution of water, 4-destruction of heaven, 5-locusts/scorpions, 6-1/3 pop destroyed, 7-great announcement but is not realized • The Battle of Gog and Magog: nations fail in confusion in their attempt to destroy isreal. 7 mo to burry dead, maybe mainland China? • Seven Bowls of Judgment: 1-sores, 2-sea life destroyed, 3-water to blood, 4-sun’s heat amplified, 5-darkness and pain, 6-drying of Euphrates river, 7- hailstones • The Battle of Armageddon: demons influence world leaders to try to destroy Isreal and God, Triumphant return of Christ marks the conclusion of the Tribulation Is the False Prophet a Jew? How do we know the answer to this question? ➢ Yes, he arises out of the earth that is Palestine

What are some of the names and titles for the Antichrist in Scripture? ➢ Pg. 786
Be familiar with the following events transpiring during the second half of the...
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