The Woman In White

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The Woman in White

Stage 6

activities answers

Before Reading

before reADing Activities (pAge 108)
Activity 1 before reading

Open answers. Encourage discussion.


Activity 2 before reading

Several answers are possible for each gap. Suggestions:
In thrillers of this kind, the mystery is usually solved
in the end, though often in an unexpected way. The
good characters have to struggle against the forces of
evil, but they learn from their mistakes, and usually
live happily ever after. The wicked characters, who are
sometimes more interesting than the good ones, rarely
succeed in their aims and are often punished by death
or imprisonment.



before reADing pArt three (chApters 9 to 15)

Encourage students to speculate and to make
guesses, but do not tell them the answers. They will
find out as they read that the true answers are 1a,
1b, 2a, 2c.

While Reading
pArt one, chApters 1 to 3 while reading

Walter came to Limmeridge House as a drawing
teacher to Laura and Marian, who were half-sisters.
Laura’s family name was Fairlie – a name mentioned
by the strange woman in white that Walter had
met in London. She had told him that she came
from Hampshire but had once been very happy at
Limmeridge House. He told Marian this story, and she
discovered from old letters of her mother’s that the
woman in white was probably Anne Catherick.
A few months later Marian advised Walter to leave,
as she had realized he was in love with Laura, who was
already promised in marriage to Sir Percival Glyde, a
Baronet from Hampshire. But before Walter left, an
unsigned letter came for Laura, warning her not to
marry Sir Percival, and Walter believed the letter had
been sent by Anne Catherick, whom he found that
evening, cleaning Mrs Fairlie’s grave in the churchyard.

pArt three, chApters 9 to 13 while reading

1 Marian, asking for God’s help for Walter, who is
about to get the shock of his life when he sees Laura
alive, standing by her own grave.
2 Marian, speaking to Walter, about the moment
when she found Laura in the asylum.
3 Mr Fairlie, speaking to Marian, about Laura, who
he believes to be Anne Catherick, when Marian and
Laura went up to Limmeridge after Laura’s escape
from the asylum (reported by Marian to Walter).
4 Count Fosco, writing to Marian, threatening action
if Walter tries to interfere with him.
5 Walter, speaking to Marian, about the precise date
of Laura’s journey from Blackwater Park to London.
6 Mrs Clements, speaking to Walter, about Madame
Fosco, who deceived Mrs Clements into leaving the
house, so that Anne Catherick could be kidnapped
and taken to the Count’s house.
7 Mrs Catherick, speaking to Walter, about her
daughter Anne.
8 Mrs Catherick, speaking to Walter, about Sir
Percival’s parents, hinting at a disreputable secret
(i.e. that they were not married and so Sir Percival
was not his father’s legal heir).
9 The church clerk, speaking to Walter, about the lock
in the vestry door, which prevented Sir Percival from
escaping from the fire.
10 Mrs Catherick, writing to Walter, explaining that Sir
Percival wanted people to believe that he was having
an affair with Mrs Catherick, to keep them from
suspecting that he had been illegally changing the
marriage register.

before reADing pArt tWo (chApters 4 to 8)

Encourage students to speculate and to make
guesses, but do not tell them the answers.

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pArt tWo, chApters 4 to 8 while reading

1 Laura told Sir Percival that she loved another person,
but Sir Percival refused to release her from the
2 The marriage agreement was very much to Sir
Percival’s advantage.
3 Sir Percival tried to get hold of Laura’s money by
telling her to put her signature on a document which
she was prevented from reading.
4 Count Fosco knew that Marian had written to Mr

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Kyrle because he took her letter out of...
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