The Stranger- Albert Camus

Topics: Mind, Thought, Mother Pages: 6 (1951 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Entry 1

The book starts off with Monsieur Meursault’s mothers’ death and he received a telegram from the home he put her in saying, “Mother deceased. Funeral tomorrow. Faithfully yours.” (3) He responds to the telegram saying, “That doesn’t mean anything.” (3) This makes the reader think that he doesn’t really care for his mother and maybe he didn’t like her especially since when he asked his boss for a couple days off and his boss looked angry he said “it wasn’t my fault” (3) and “I didn’t have anything to apologize for.” (3) Even when he was offered to see his mother’s corpse for the very last time he refused simply because he didn’t want to.

His mom’s friends then came in silently and one of them started crying but he said, “I didn’t know who she was.” (10) So this is also proof that he never really talked to his mom when he put her in the home since she didn’t even know who her friends were.

Someone then asked him “was she old?” (16) and he didn’t even know so he responded saying “fairly.” (16) This is even more proof he didn’t know his own mother very well. Overall he didn’t really show much emotion toward his mother’s death because he categorizes himself as indifferent so he can neither be happy nor unhappy.

Monsieur Meursault then met a girl who he had a crush on named Marie Cardona and they immediately started bonding and eventually started dating.

We do see Meursault feel a bit of guilt since he said, “besides, you always feel a little guilty.” (20) This is referring to his mom so this is showing he did care about his mother to some degree but not very much according to his enthusiasm in his words although this could be just him being himself since he’s indifferent. You can also tell he feels heartless for not expressing any feelings and not really caring about the matter.

Once Meursault started working again his boss asked him “if things were “all right now?”” (26) Meursault responded saying “yes they were and said I was hungry.” (26) He still isn’t showing any emotion to the fact his mother just died.

Then two of Meursault’s neighbors are introduced one named Salamano who is an old man that does everything with his old dog but he acts like he hates it since he always “beats the dog and swears at it” (27) but when his dog ran away Meursault heard Salamano crying so him and his dog have a sort of love hate relationship. Then Raymond his other neighbor is introduced and they start to get along very well and even become pals. Although Raymond does use him to write a guilt letter to his girlfriend who he caught cheating so he can teach her a lesson. But Meursault didn’t mind and thought them being pals would be ok.

Marie asked Meursault if he loved her and he said, “it didn’t mean anything but that I didn’t think so.” (35) This is another example of him not showing any feeling and showing he’s indifferent.

Raymond’s girlfriend then showed up at Raymond’s and they started fighting and Raymond hit her then the cops showed up and after everything was settled “Raymond looked happy.” (37) This is because he got her back for what she did and then Raymond asked another favor from Meursault to testify for him in court to say she cheated on him and of course Meursault “found him very friendly…it was a nice moment” (38) This is the second time within a day of them becoming pals that he used him for something.

Entry 2

Meursault’s boss offered him a job in Paris and he responded “yes but that really it was all the same” (41) and his boss responded saying he “never gave him a straight answer, that I had no ambition” (41) This is another example of him being indifferent and not being able to show much feeling like his ambition which he doesn’t show at all.

He then went back into the past about his student days and said, “when I was a student I had lots of ambition…but when I had to give up my studies I realized none of it really mattered.” (41) Since Meursault wasn’t always like this there most...
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