The story of “Araby” by James Joyce

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Max Wittig
Mrs. Asquith
En 111- Sec. 09

The story of “Araby” by James Joyce is one of many stories in the book Dubliners. Here we follow the protagonist as he slowly discovers the truths of adult life. He’s at that stage in his young life when nothing seems to make sense. Joyce shows how the frustration of love can breakdown the barrier between the safety of childhood and the uncertainty of adolescent years.

In this story the main character has fallen madly in love with one of his playmate’s sister. Her aimless flirting leads him to believe these feelings were mutual. Unfortunately, he learns what a broken heart feels like. This is the first time he has had feelings like this for a girl so it’s understandable that he’s be bit confused as what do to and how to act. He quoted saying, “But my body was like a harp and her words and gestures were like fingers running upon the wires” (Joyce 214). This statement shows how deeply Mangan’s sister touches him. Her words alone are enough to send him into a spiral of adoration. On the other hand, this could also represent how this girl is just playing with him much like she would play any instrument. Finally, out of the blue she speaks to the boy one day asking whether or not he is going to Araby. He gets so lost in her presence he can’t even recall how he answered the question. Sometimes when people are around the ones they like they forget what they’re saying or worse, can’t say anything at all. It’s obvious the boy is nervous when face to face with his love. Following the interaction between the two, at the bottom of page 214, the boy goes on for several lines on how he can’t stop thinking about her, “What innumerable follies laid waste my waking and sleeping thoughts after that evening”, basically explains in black and white that he thinks about her in his dreams as well as all the time when he is awake. Also, this being his first time loving a girl he is immensely confused as to handle these...
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