the situation of the world in rizal time

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In the time that Rizal was not yet born, the entire Philippines was still under the Spanish colonization, all the uprising of Filipinos against the oppression of the Spaniard did not prosper due to the advantage of Spanish weaponry in that time. The rebellion of Francisco Dagohoy, the longest uprising against Spain which lasted 8 years but still defeated is a good example of this circumstances. 

The whole of the country was headed by a Governor–General, a deputy of the king and with the sole authority with regards to economic and political management of the country. Furthermore, because one of the reason for Spanish colonization is religion, The clergies were also vested with a certain authority towards the church, but in the time of Rizal the power of the friars was not only set within the walls of the church, but also in politics.

The families of Rizal are wealthy landlords of Calamba, Laguna. His parent were of Malay and Chinese heritage, both of them were wealthy and educated, they socialized with leaders of the society, the house of Rizal is the biggest private library in the Philippines in that time and they managed to send their children to best schools. Nevertheless, Lorenzo Alberto Alonzo, Rizal’s maternal grandfather, was one of the delegates in the Manila assembly from were a deputy of the Spanish cortes was to elected as provided by the new Spanish constitution.

In 1861, when Rizal was born, a great crisis occurred within the church when the archbishop of Manila, Jose Aranguren died and succeeded by a Spanish mestizo, Father Pedro Pelaez who risen in the position of vicar capitular – a term used by the canon law to fill the vacant position of the archbishop within the diocese. Pelaez became the brainchild to the total participation of the natives or Indios, as they were called, as priests of the new reformed church. He also acted upon the successive decrees which handed the parishes over the...
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