The Restoration Colonies

Topics: New Netherland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey Pages: 4 (817 words) Published: October 2, 2013
The restoration colonies

New York:

Old nether landers at new Netherlands
1600-golden ages of Dutch history.
- maj. Commercial & naval power
- challenging England on seas
- 3 maj. Anglo-Dutch wars
- maj. Colonial power [mainly in the East Indies.]

New Netherlands
- new Netherlands : founded in the Hudson River area (1623-1624) - established Dutch west India comp. for quick-profit fur trade. - company wouldn't pay much attention to colony
- manhattan [ new Amsterdam ]
- purchased by company for pennies per (22,000 acre )

New Amsterdam harbor , 1639
- company town run in interests of the stockholders
- no interest in religious toleration, free speech, democracy. - governor appointed by the company were autocorrected
- religious dissenters against Dutch reformed church [inc. quakers] were prosecuted.
New Amsterdam , 1660
- aristocrats : patroonships [feudal estates granted to promoters who would settle 50 people on them] - cosmopolitan : diverse population with Many different languages

Swedes in new Netherlands
- mid-1600s : Sweden in golden age settled small, under-funded colony near new Netherlands. - 1655 Dutch under director-general Peter Stuyvesant attacked new Sweden.

- Charles II granted new Netherlands land to his brother , the duke of York, [before he controlled area] - 1644 : English soldiers arrived
- Dutch had little ammunition and poor defense
- Stuyvesant forced to surrender without firing shot.
- renamed "new York"
- England gained strategic harbor between her northern and southern colonies. - England now controlled the Atlantic coast!


The Quakers
- called Quakers because they "quaked" during intense religious practices. - they offered religious & secular leaders in England.
- refused to pay taxes.
- they met without pain clergy.
- believed all were children of god : refused to treat the upper class with deference. - keeps hats on
-addressed them as commoners :...
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