The Rawa Tribe- Outline

Topics: Malaysia, Negeri Sembilan, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Title : The Rawa Tribe

Malaysia as we know it is one of the multi-racial country. Among the three main races in Malaysia Chinese, Malays and Indians have lived in this land for five centuries. In addition, about 80 ethnic and six sub - ethnic groups, especially in East Malaysia . But 1 out of 6 sub-ethnic, have special customs, speech, traditions and food . So i ,Rizwana Bt Jurij as “Oghang Rao” will introduce my tribe to you. The title I will present is "the Rao Tribe".Rawa or Rao is a term given to a Malay community living in the Malay Peninsula, now the West Malaysia. It is common for the Rao to identify themselves as Oghang Rao or even Rao. Rao is a group of community people Minangkabau , which adopts a matrilineal and tribes live. Content:

1. Main point: Rao became public appeal  LUHAK Nan Tigo , since the discovery of gold mines in the area.  a. Subpoint : Since then the flock, the people of Agamand Lima Puluh Kota to live here. In the mid-18th century, many of the people who migrated to Rao Tapanuli to be a teacher and trader. They are also down Rokan River and Kampar , to go wander to Riau and continue to Malaysia .  i. Sub – subpoint : In Malaysia, most of them settled in Negeri Sembilan , Pahang and Perak . Gopeng, one small town in Perak, a place inhabited Rao Diaspora origin. 2. Main point : Initial migrants in 5th century were farmers. b. Subpoint : The liberal commercial climate in Malaya at 15th century encourage more Rao or Rawa traders to Malaya. c. Subpoint : Moreover ,The discovery of gold in 17th century, and tin in 18th century saw the mass flow of migrants to Malaya through the strait settlement(Singapore, Malacca & Penang). d. Subpoint : Further mass migration flow to Malaya started after Perang Padri or Padri War(1816-1833)in Sumatra during the Dutch rule. ii. Sub – subpoint : The majority of them were from the royal families, religious teachers,...
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