the raven edgar allen poe

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, William Henry Leonard Poe, Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe Pages: 3 (700 words) Published: May 4, 2014
Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe
William henry Leonard Poe
Frances valentine allan

What is the theme of this poem? Is it Poe's favorite theme?

Poe’s life

except for Poe’s imagination, his life experience is the main factor that contributed to his black soul and made a difference in his work. The First shock to Poe was the death of his young beautiful mother, Elizabeth Hopkins Poe. Luckily, Poe was adopted by John Allan and Ellis Allan and sadly Mrs Allen died in 18xx after divorcing with John Allen. Jane was Poe’s first love happened when he was fourteen years old and she died of brain tumor. His brother William died at the age of 25 and his sister Rosalie became later insane. Then He fell in love and married his 13-year old cousin Virginia, who died eleven years later. Edgar Allen Poe died in the same year of 1849.

Raven, cultural depiction
If the raven comes to someone’s house, there was someone who died in that house. In this poem, Poe uses raven as a metaphor of death and a long deep passing of grief. --> death motif Greek mythology, ravens are associated with Apollo, the god of prophecy. They are said to be a symbol of good luck, and were the god's messengers in the mortal world. In the Talmud, the raven is described as having been only one of three beings on Noah's Ark that copulated during the flood and so was punished. To the Germanic peoples, Odin was often associated with ravens. In later Norse mythology, Odin is depicted as having two ravens Huginn and Muninn serving as his eyes and ears – Huginn being referred to as thought and Muninn as memory.

Genral Motif analyse

The death of beautiful woman and the power of love, and beauty to survive beyond the grave.

According to Poe biographers from Marie Bonaparte to Kenneth Silverman, the key events in this sad life were the successive wasting illnesses and deaths of Poe's mother, stepmother, and wife. The agonizing deaths of the women from whom he sought...
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