The Project Management Process Groups:

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CHAPTER 3: The Project Management Process Groups: A Case Study A Process is a series of actions directed toward a particular result. Project management process groups progress from initiating activities, executing activities, monitoring and controlling activities, and closing activities. Initiating processes include defining and authorizing a project or project phase. Planning processes include devising and maintaining a workable scheme to ensure that the project addresses the organization’s needs. Executing Processes include coordinating people and other resources to carry out the various plans and produce the products, services or results of the project or phrase. Monitoring and Controlling processes include regularly measuring and monitoring progress to ensure that the project team meets the project objectives. Closing processes include formalizing acceptance of the project or project phase and ending it efficiently.

Project Management Process Groups

Monitoring and Controlling
Project Integration Management
Develop project charter
Develop project management plan
Direct and manage project execution
Monitor and control project work, perform integrated change control Close project or phrase
Project Scope Management

Collect requirements, define scope, create WBS

Verify scope, control scope

Project Time Management

Define activities, Sequence activities, estimate activity resources, estimate activity durations, develop schedule

Control schedule

Project Cost Management

Estimate costs, determine budget

Control Costs

Project Quality Management

Plan Quantity
Perform quality assurance
Perform quality control

Project Human Resource Management

Develop human resource plan
Acquire project team, develop project team, manage project team

Project Communications Management
Identify stakeholders...
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