The Preludes + the Pedestrian Notes/Analysis

Topics: Grammatical person, Natural environment, Environment Pages: 4 (1168 words) Published: August 29, 2013

General Thesis:
- Individuals project their past and emotions onto the physical landscape, altering their perception of the urban environment - One's past allows them to associate memories and thoughts to specific locations creating a different view compared to others - A persons thoughts can make them feel isolated or part of the community depending on the individual - Shows how different perspectives on the urban environment can change an individual's perception of the city. What is positive to one may seem negative or alienating to another - An individual projects their personal experiences and emotions onto the physical landscape, shaping their perspective of the urban environment either positively or negatively - Technology is the medium in which alienation is explored but does not relate to the other texts - Shows separation from the natural environment, causing alienation and a sense of separation or disconnection within an individual and society - A persons thoughts can make them feel isolated of part of the community depending on the individual

The Preludes

- Perspective shifts through narration representing different ideas, both negative and positive, relating to people and their relationship with society in the city. - Disconnected perspective, the stanzas disorient readers and reflect the fragmented nature of the city, also conveyed in the mention of disembodied humans parts. - The woman in the third stanza contests the monotonous nature of life but is powerless to change it. - Cyclical nature - the ability to contest it without changing anything - hopelessness - Eliot portrays …. in his poem through…


- "The burnt-out ends of smoky days… gusty shower wraps, the grimy scraps of withered leaves about your feet and newspapers from vacant lots" | negative imagery | Negative emotive language depicting the physical environment more than the people helps to convey the relationship people in the city...
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