the power of the talk

Topics: Personality psychology, Project management, Team Pages: 3 (684 words) Published: April 28, 2014
Spring 2007
Instructor: Barry Molnaa, PMP

Case Study #3: The Power of Talk: Who Gets Heard and Why
Supplemental: Conversation Freezers

Review the case provided and discuss how the choice in message delivery can influence behavior on your project team. In addition, take the Jung Typology Test on the web at to see what your personality type is and how you may most effectively communicate to your team (and vice versa).

Extravert (11%)  Sensing (1%)  Thinking (25%)  Judging (11%) I very much agree with the result. When I see it at the first time (without read the percentage) I said yes, I am a very good extrovert person before I married. A lot of things changed after I married. May that is the reason for the low percentage. About Sensing over Intuition and Judging over Perceiving, really I feel that I am among all of them. As a project manager I was thinking a lot about the result and how it should be accepted by stockholders, how can I satisfied them. How the project should be appears. 

Based on the information provided in the case, how does understanding the differing speaking dynamics of each sex and individual cultures help a project manager effectively communicate to his/her project team?

By using simplified language, the project manager can be understood by any culture or gender. In addition, he may avoid any misunderstanding risk. Furthermore, he won’t use Gender-Specific Metaphors.

In my opinion, if the project manager employ the most effective technologies available, he can facilitate non-verbal communication. The project manager should select the right communication tool for the right task, and not necessity the most efficient but suited to work culture. The project manager will be freely able to establish ground rules for his team to collaborate by outline what is and is not. Is everyone expected to contribute? What tools will be used to do so and how are team members permitted...
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