The Play Ground

Topics: Boy, Man, Childhood Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: October 20, 2012
The Playground

Childhood experiences have long lasting effects on boys. As men we sometimes fail to see our boyish ways but to women our boyish ways are a lack of maturity. In John Katz’s essay, “How Boys Become Men”, use of implied audience and structure as well as the basis of tone and evidence is as follows.

Katz targeted audience is both men and women. In paragraph four he states, “Women tend to see men as a giant problem in need of solution.” He is imploring women, in this sentence, that he understands how women view men. That he knows they see men as distant. In the next sentence he turns his attention to his male readers. “They tell us that we are remote and uncommunicative, that we need to demonstrate less machismo and more commitment, more humanity. Here John Katz is speaking to the brotherhood of men by the use of the words: us, we, and they.

The structure of this essay is illustration by bringing a clearer understanding of boys and their journeys’ to becoming men. “It’s a macho marathon from third grade up, when you start butting each other in the stomach.” Here, Katz provides an opinion of an adult friend speaking on this issue of boys becoming men and how those boyhood moment last a life time.

John Katz uses an informative approach by telling women and reminding men of what boys struggle with and how it affects their growth into manhood. “I know lots of men who had happy childhoods, but none who have had happy memories of the way other boys treated them.” It is from this statement from a friend of his that Katz uses to illustrate the childhood memories men face.

From these early childhood experiences alliances are forged and codes are formed. The evidence that Katz uses to back up the code of conduct is from personal experience. “I was as ashamed for telling as I was frightened.” From personal experience Katz is stating that within the code fear is acceptable but telling is a rat.

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