The Physical Environment

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The Physical Environment, The Social Environment, and The Adult Relations in infant and toddler care and education programs| |
Samantha Ross|


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J. Ronald Lally, Ed.D., Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development, Sausalito California Yolanda Ledon Torres, Child Care Consultant, Pasadena, California Pamela C. Phelps, Ph.D., Creative Preschool, Tallahassee, Florida California Department of Education (CDE). 2007. Infant/toddler. Sacramento CDE Press

During the infant/toddler years, all children depend on responsive, safe interactions to mature and absorb. Such programs provide personalized care that reflects consideration for individual differences among children. Programs also develop partnerships with children’s families to connect children’s experiences at home with their experiences in the infant/toddler program. These organizations with families are the cornerstone of culturally sensitive care. In this paper I will discuss the Physical Environment, the Social Environment, and the adult relations in infant and toddler care and education programs. In addition, children may have a special need that requires particular accommodations and adaptations. To serve all children, infant/toddler programs must work to provide appropriate conditions for each child and individually assist each child’s movement along a pathway of healthy learning and development. The physical environment indoors and out can promote or impede intimate, satisfying relationships. The environment affects caregiver/infant relationships. “Carollee Howes discovered that in family day care homes in which dangerous objects and fragile prized possessions had been removed from the area in which infants and toddlers played, caregivers smiled more, encouraged exploration, and gave fewer negative comments ("Don't touch that!") to infants and toddlers. In an infant/toddler center, a hammock invites a caregiver to cuddle one or two babies...
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