The Out of Control Interview

Topics: Interview, Human resource management, Semi-structured interview Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Week Six Assignment: Application Case: The Out-of-Control Interview 1. As Maria Fernandez being a bright, popular and well informed mechanical engineer, who graduated with an engineering degree from State University in June 2003. With this scenario, the overall experience with the interview was very stressful and it made the interview a disaster even though it was a stress interview. Maria has always expected a job which can evaluate her working capabilities to challenge her technical skills and expertise, so firms like Apex Environmental which is a well-known and a structured firm is where she would like to work. This can evaluate her working ability perfectly. The interviewers were seeking to make the applicants uncomfortable with occasionally rude questions so therefore the questions ranged from unnecessary and discourteous to irrelevant and sexist but that is what stress test does to see if the applicant is hypersensitive. To me this is a well thought out interview strategy on the part of Apex Environmental because it will help them identify the applicants with low high stress tolerance. This stress interview is controversial but was well structured and effective. 2. If I were Maria I would definitely accept the job offer because it has been something that she has wanted from the jump. Maria has always wanted a job which can evaluate her working abilities. By taking the job at Apex Environmental, Maria can also implement her technical abilities. The additional information that I would take on whether I should take the job or not, the information would be as follows: * Are there any securities of my employment?

* Is my job future is pessimistic?
* Is there any lack of insurance and pension benefits?
* Is there any chance to be underemployed?
* Is the working environment is suitable for the job?
* Where the company is located and what it is supposed to be my job? * Are the people of the company behaving in a courteous and...
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