The Natural Sciences in Theory of Knowledge

Topics: Scientific method, Science, Mathematics Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: November 1, 2013

* What connotations does the word "science" have for you? Are they positive, negative or mixed? *
* The words, to me, have a lot of positive connotations, such as clever, knowledgeable, innovative, inventive, proofing, influential etc. Science brings positive imagery to my mind, it is a very helpful way of knowing, it enables individuals to settle complications very thoroughly in terms of experimental conduction as well as a mathematical calculations. * How are scientists viewed in popular culture, such as novels and movies? Are they portrayed as heroes or villains? How are, to your knowledge, scientists generally seen? *

* They are viewed in different ways. Usually, in popular television series or movies, scientists are used as comic characters, portraying a crazy look, and inventing bizarre and supernatural things.

ScienceConnotations (class) PositiveEvidence, Einstein, explanations, helpful, logic, truth, intelligence, experiments, population NegativeRats, weapons, cloning, pollution

* What is, in your opinion, the difference between science and pseudo-science? Give examples for both types. *
* The difference between science and pseudo science is that science has valid arguments that can be proven and explained with logic calculations and evidence from experiments. Pseudo-science usually argues for its statements with biological arguments, such as "Jews have large noses, Africans have big lips etc." We know that 2+2=4 because it is a logical mathematical calculation that explains a subject of science. * As a scientist, how would you go about testing the claims of astronomy? *

* It would probably be done with calculations from hypothetical theories about the astronomy. The problem is that, of course, you cannot grasp the things that is to be explored and explained, it is too big. * Do some quick research on the placebo effect and give a short explanation of it. What is its relevance when...
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