The Mystery of Newgrane

Topics: Religion, Faith, Christianity Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: May 2, 2012
In this assignment the question of how Newgrange can aid us to explore the phenomenon of world religion will be discussed. Newgrange is a world heritage site and the very achievement of receiving such a status is something to mw which clearly identifies the importance of this site. Newgrange is on par with some of the most impressive wonders of the world, for example Stonehenge and The Pyramids in Egypt, if not even more impressive as it was built much earlier than either of them. Throughout this essay I will examine how we can study Newgrange as an aid to look at the phenomenon of religion. I will undertake this task by making reference to books and internet sites which are of an academic nature.

The phenomenon of world religion basically is trying to understand the origins of world religion and where it came from. This essay will examine the different features which combine to make this historical site so extraordinary. There are many symbols, customs and also manifests an example of how the dead were buried during this period and the obvious religious importance of burial chambers.

There are two very special symbols and significant symbols which are held within Newgrange. These two symbols are time and place. Time is very important in Newgrange. The roof box is extremely momentous in Newgrange. This is another example to illustrate to us that the construction of Newgrange was not part of a rushed procedure, but it was a site which was constructed with a large amount of time and effort used. The amount of labour and time which they spent on Newgrange means to me that they felt very strongly about their religious beliefs. There is a very impressive mathematical skill used in the construction of the chamber. The sunlight is important as dark is seen to be associated with death and immortality. The roof box as it is known lets light into the chamber and this occurs on the first day of the new solar cycle which occurs on the 21st of December which is the...
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