The Lady or the Tiger?

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Main Characters:

The King; he is a semi-barbaric king who has the authority and the power of his kingdom. His system of judging the criminals is based on an arena that he built on his land. This arena has two doors that lead to accused person freedom or to a terrible death. In the story, he punishes the young man who falls in love with her daughter and also he punishes her daughter by putting her lover to the arena and letting her watch his death or his marrige. It shows us that he is heartless, unforgiving and cold-blooded. The princess; she is a beautiful, strong and clever young girl who falls in love with a young man.She is semi-barbaric like his dad and brave enough to see her lover in the arena. Considering that she points the door to the courtier courageously, she is a decided and confident person which makes her a violent character in the story. Because she knows what is behind the door. Also, she hates the lady. Because she knows that if her lover open the lady gate, she will loose him forever. This makes her jealous. The courtier; he is the young, handsome but a poor man who loves the princess. He is brave and innocent by facing the death for her lover. Just because of loving the princess as a lower class person, he is punished by the king. He has no fear inside of him, because he trusts the princess by knowing that she knows behind the door. He has no doubt about princess’ choice for him. His carelessness about love may cost his life.

Supporting characters:
The lady; she is the young, charming and lovely girl behind the door that is chosen by the king to marry with the courtier if he chooses the door. She is in love with the young man. She is innocent and obediant by beliving the king’s justice. The tiger; it was the punishment for the young man behind one of the doors. The courtier will be devoured by the tiger if he chooses that door.
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