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Question 2
In this modern era, many businesses are popping up in the market, as the result of competition to be in the forefront. If a business pretends to stay or resist to a change, at the end they will suffer lost. That’s why many of businesses struggle and trying to the new method of business in order to facilitate the business process, gain more profit, and the important is that maintaining relationship between them and customers since the customers is the most important and various way were made so that they remain to be the first. The loyal customers are the one of the main factor that will determine the existence of a business itself. One of the business strategy that usually used by the businesses is that CRM; an acronym from Customer Relation Management. CRM is a business strategy that will enable a business to manage and maintain their relationship with the customers in the database. How? By having the complete data and detail information about customers with the CRM software.

Based on the statement in the question, for me it’s not really helping for the small businesses. CRM can be applied for big business such as PADINI HOLDINGS BHD. Today, Padini Group is a leader in the multibillion textile and garment industry in Malaysia. As one biggest company in Malaysia, which has a lot of sub-brand. CRM is needed in order to help Padini to manage their relationship process with their customer. A big company doesn’t guarantee that they will survive in the long-term period without any attempts to retain their loyal customers. Retaining the customers is easier than finding the new one. By having the loyal customers, indirectly will represent the business have a good image to the public. I assume that Padini is types of risky business with many kinds of fashion brands where they need extra try to ‘tie-up’ the customers. The simply example of CRM used by Padini is that the using of PMC loyalty Programme (Padini Membership Card) special for the customers and...
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