The Home Front In WWI

Topics: World War I, British Empire, Zeppelin Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: October 13, 2013

August 2nd – War declared on Germany. Britain needed an army quickly. The government launched a massive recruitment campaign. Half a million joined the army in one month. August 8th – The defence of the Realm Act (DORA) was introduced. It gave the government special powers such as the right to take over industries and land which were needed for the war effort, or to censor newspapers. Autumn – From August to September many different women’s organisations were set up, including the women’s Hospital corps and the women’s police volunteers. December 16th – The First Bombing of British Civilians. German warships shelled the east coast of Britain. In Scarborough 119 people were killed.

January 19th – First air raids by German Zeppelin airships, dropping bombs on East Anglian Towns. May – It was recognised that the war needed much more careful organisation of all aspects of British life, so a coalition government with politicians from all parties was formed to handle the growing crisis in Britain. May 31st – The first Zeppelin air raids on London. Air Raids by Zeppelins and later by aircraft were a regular feature of the rest of the war. July – The Munitions crisis: British troops were facing a severe shortage of shells and bullets. The government set up the Ministry of Munitions under David Lloyd George and Mrs Pankhurst organized a Woman’s march for jobs to recruit women to work in factories. Autumn – Many employers refused to take on women and trade unions refused to allow women workers. The government had to come to an agreement with the trade unions that women would be paid the same as men would only until sufficient male labour should again be available. The government also set up its own munitions factories, employing largely women.

January 25th – First Military service Bill introduced conscription of all single men aged 18 – 40. May 16th – Second Military service Bill extended conscription to married men....
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