The Good and Bad of Using the Computer.

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Topic 1: It is hard imagine people can live without friends. Many people have said that we can’t live without friends. I totally agree with this point of view. There are many reasons why I support this idea. First of all, we do not live alone. As human being, we have a need in sharing our feeling both happingess and sadness. There is a saying that “ sorrow shared is sorrow halved, andjoy shared is joy double “. This world and life will be nothing if we do not have any friends nearby.Secondly, friends can bring us joys and happiness. Friends also heip and give us good advice when we meet difficulties or problems in life. Whith friends we feel more confident in facing to challenge in life.It is ciose friends who are present in our success.Therefore friends play an important role in our life,we can’t live without friends. Topic 2: what I do to help poor children

No one wants to be poor, because poverty makes People suffer great misery and brings shame upon oneself. In reality, in Vietnam, there are a lot of poor and homeless children. Instead of going to school at their age, they have to earn money by selling lottery tickets, begging for something or woring in bars, inns…It is the big problem that we need the cooperation of people around the world to solve. I can’t afford to organize a big program to help all of the poor children, but I try to do my best to help them .For example, when I meet a child begging for something on the street.T will give him or her some money, and buy some food for him. If I meet channcc a cain pign which appeal to somebody generosity on newspapers or TV, I will be eager to donate.Especially. I have helped the poor boy who lives near my house to give him some books and some clother in order that He could go to school.Besides, I also hold a free class so that poor children can get knowledge with out paying free to go to school. what I can do to help the poor children is very small, but I Feel happy when.I do that meaningful work.Hopping that many peple like to do something out of charity to help poor people have better life. Topic 3: what I do to keep my neighborhood clean.

Nowadays environment pollution is increasing day by day due to wastes exhausted from factories , industrial zones and people who are unaware of their neighborhood in particular clean.I think that I should do the following Things. First of all,I try to keep my house clean by sweeping it every day and putting garbage in the right places.Secondly,I will callfor people in my area to make a conscious effort to keep the neighborhood hygienie by sorting garbage for reecling not throwing it.Besides,I also take part in the campaign organized by local council.For exanple grieving ness conleng was on the snees on these is mareyround my living place.

Topic 4: why many young people do not like Vietnamese films
Nowadays there are a lot of Vietnamese films made to support our mental need, but we have to accept the truth that many young people do not like Vietnamese films. In my opinion, the following reason are the main causes of that condition. firstly, the contents of Vietnamese films are monotonous. They always follow the boring ways. When we are in the middle of a films we can guess the end of the film, so they can’t have a good impression on viewers. Secondly, the young have a lot of opportunities to watch lots of interesting from other countries in the world through mass media, so they can compare Vietnamese films with foreign films made with modem technique and dangerous stunning scenes which are rarely seen in VN film. Besides, the way that actors and actress show in films is unnatural because they are not educated and trained well in doing art. I should think that, in order to have a good film, we must learn the advance of making films from other countries, and we should invest much more money and energy in a films.

Topic 5: The good and bad of using the computer.
Computer are indispensable in modem society, because the help...
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