The Godfather

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The Godfather

Ruz, Julianne Marie A.
Ma’am Ramos

I. Title

The Godfather

II. Author

Mario Puzo

III. Setting

New York in the 1930s, the town of Corleone, Sicily, Long Beach, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

IV. Plot

Vito Corleone is known as The Godfather in the criminal underworld. His father was killed by the local Mafia chieftain, and ever since he was twelve years old, strange men have come to kill him. His empire has known peace for ten years until the Turk Sollozo appears with the promise of drugs and money.

V. Theme

“It’s business, not personal.”
This line is repeated all throughout the book, especially by Vito Corleone. All Mafiosi call themselves businessmen to hide the reality of what they do from the public. They talk about “family business” or making an “offer he can’t refuse”, instead of getting straight to the point because, even though they’re criminals, they still feel bad about what they do. They have to call themselves businessmen, not only to convince others that they are, but also to convince themselves so they can look in the mirror and not feel guilt. It also shows that they have an innate desire to keep their business and personal life separate.

“Women and children can afford to be careless. Not men.”
It shows that women and children live in a different world than men, because if they make a mistake, nobody dies, as opposed to men.
Respect is different from legitimacy. Legitimacy is the respect from society, respect comes from men.

VI. Epiphany

Don’t threaten anybody unless it’s really necessary. Instead, reason with them. Reasoning with people gets you their respect and allows you to get your point across with a minimum of fuss. If they won’t listen to you, then use a little muscle.

It is better to be silent and listen than to rage at everything that doesn’t suit your fancy. When you make noise, you can’t hear the trigger locking behind you before the gun...
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