The first civilization

Topics: Sumer, Mesopotamia, Uruk Pages: 4 (570 words) Published: January 6, 2014

The First Civilization

The Rise of Civilization

EQ1: How did civilization develop in the region of Sumer?
Answer: Civilization developed in the region of Sumer because then they had a better and easy life to live.

What is traits of civilization?

* Advanced Cities
* Cities became important because farmers needed a place to store and trade their surplus again *
* As cities grew larger and larger, they began to offer other advantages to do *
* Cities offered many different jobs of work
* For example, Sumer have large temples for people to pray * Specialized Workers
* In general, a society needs surpluses food before civilization can develop *
* Having a food surplus allows people to do other jobs than farmers * Workers can specialize, which means to do a job that requires special skills *
* When people specialize, the quality of their work improves because they develop their skills by practicing * Like Sumerian workers built houses, made jewelry, weed clothes, or created pottery * Because cities are usually crowded, people must need to learn to live together *

* They also need to cooperate on projects like building irrigation canals *
* As a result, some people took on the job of organizing society *
* In early Sumerian cities, priests did that job, they ran society and acted as judges * Complex Institutions
* Religion and government became institutions
* An institution is a group of people who have a specific purpose *
* Often it exists to help society
* For example, schools are institutions that exist to educate children * An army is an institution that exists to protect a society *...
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