The Effects of Family Planning on Family Living

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God says “Go to the world and multiply” by having a family in the ties of marriages. Family is the most important social structure of any society. It is not surprising that the concern most often expressed by young people who they will marry. The choice of a lifetime marriage partner is certainly the most important decision a person can make Every family is unique, with each marriage partner bringing experiences and values from his or her own family. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as perfect marriage, “a marriage made in heaven ”. There are, however, divine principle that, if followed, will help each family to be all that God intended it to be. Everything that God created has purpose but also had order God’s design for sex, therefore, needs to be understood in the context of marriage, love and lifetime commitment. Sex is here to stay and it is a part of our life and design by God. Although sexual relationships result in children, God also intended for sex to be pleasurable. Sex that is practiced out of God’s plan often results in unwanted pregnancies, abortion, rape, other forms of sexual abuse, and various tragic diseases, including AIDS. In this context it is also advisable not abuse the family of being over populated but apply a family planning program.

The Effects of Family Planning On Family Living

Thesis Statement
If the family planning affect the family living it should be implemented to any Filipino who got their own family. Introduction
Marriage is a lifelong commitment that must be planned carefully. For marriage to be successful, several ingredients must be present. In this context, it advice how to prevent the growth of population in the Philippines. I.Marriage

A. Marriage as a Commitment
B. Ingredients of a Happy Marriage
C. Reasons for Marriage
D. Reasons for Having Children
E. Wrong Reasons for Having Children
A. The Important of Family Living
B. The Importance of having a Small Family
C. Disadvantages of Having a Large Family
D. Planning the Size of the Family
E. Family Roles
F. Responsibilities of Parents to Their Children and Children to Their Parents III.Family Planning
A. Importance of Family Planning
B. Aspects of Family Planning
1. Artificial Family Planning
2. Natural Family Planning
3. Permanent Methods of Birth Control
C. How to Attained Family Planning
D. Effect of Family Planning on the Family Living

Having a family is not really bad, but in our society now we are prone to huge population which is the most problem that our country encountered to. So to prevent it we must take the situation that we must use family planning. In fact, the family planning calls for self-control and the development of skills of human potential.

Marriage is an institution which joins people’s lives in spiritual, social, emotional, and economic ways. It can also lead to the formation of a new household. Marriage remains important as it legally binds a man and a woman to live together. A marriage is often solemnized by a wedding ceremony which may be performed either by a religious officiant or by a similar government-sanctioned secular officiant. The act of marriage usually creates obligations between the individuals involved and in many societies, among their extended families. Marriage is the legal partnership of a man and a woman. It is an intimate, interpersonal relationship and a...

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