The Effect of Salt Concentration on Osmosis

Topics: Cell, Cell membrane, Cell wall Pages: 3 (793 words) Published: December 22, 2012
Title: The effect of temperature on beet cell membranes.
1.Eukaryotic cells are much more intricate than prokaryotic cells. The first thing observed is the assortment of structures in the cytoplasm. The fluid filled region between the nucleus and the plasma membrane. These structures along with the nucleus are the organelles, each having a specific function in the cell. The organelles are by membranes divided in proficient sections .The plant cell is made up of a rigid thick wall. Cell walls protect cells and help maintain their shape. The cell walls of the plant contain polysaccharide cellulose. An important organelle found in plant cells but not animals, is the chloroplast, where photosynthesis takes place. Plant cells also have a large central vacuole a compartment that store water and chemicals. 2.I hypothesize as the temperature of the beet is lowered the cell membrane of the beet will incur more damage Thus causing the betacyanin to be more prevalently noticeable in the colder beet. On a scale of 1 – 10 ( 10 being most intense)

A. I hypothesize at - 5 C, The intensity will be a 10.
A.I hypothesize at 5c, The intensity will be an 8.
B.I hypothesize at 22c, The intensity will be 5.
C.I hypothesize at 40c, The intensity will be 4.
D.I hypothesize at 55c, The intensity will be 3.
E.I hypothesize at 70c, The intensity will be a 1.
1.Prepare one raw beet by washing it, cutting it in half. Then making 6 even slices (approximately 10mm x 15mm) I 2.Label 6 test tubes (1 -5c), (2 5c), (3 22c), (4 40c), (5 55c), (6 70c). 3.Rinse the beets for at least 2 minutes with room temperature tap water 4.Dry the beets and place one in each test tube

5.Place tube 5 in a refrigerator (5c)and tube 6 in a freezer (-5c). 6.Leave tubes 5 and 6 in the cold for 30 minutes.
7.Take the beet piece out of tube 1 and immerse it in a beaker of hot water at 70cfor one minute. Hot tap water should be adequate. Handle the...
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