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The Difference Between Western and Eastern Culture

By wccblack Feb 27, 2013 476 Words
the difference between western and eastern culture
The major difference between Chinese and Western culture is that China is an oriental country, and its traditional culture is completely different from western heritage. Chinese culture is older than 5000 years, and Chinese people have developed their own music, musical instruments, painting techniques, traditional Chinese medicine, and not to forget, cooking methods etc – completely different and unique when compared to Western culture. Chinese believe in healthy eating, and have a holistic approach towards health. The Western culture is more advanced, and loves adventure and exploration. The Chinese focus more on collective gain instead of individual gain by making the right decisions, and believe in adopting a middle way to avoid extremism.

Westerners find the Chinese culture complex, and hard to understand, as the Chinese culture has its own values, background and belief system. The Chinese are very friendly and helpful to a stranger, compared to Westerners who would never entertain a stranger. Western culture has a wealthy and luxurious lifestyle, but Chinese mostly have a modest way of living, for example, on average, the Chinese may have no more than 40 sq. feet of living space. Chinese use sir names, and are strictly moral to avoid public displays of affection. The Western culture has the freedom to express them freely. When compared to Western culture, the Chinese culture differs a lot, as they value relationships more than their Western counterparts.

There is a vast difference between the major philosophies of eastern and western life. Westerners believe in self dedication to achieve their goals of success and happiness etc., whereas the Chinese have behavioral ethics, and are dependent on their inner world and perceptions of eternal recurrence. The Western approach is to search outside of yourself, whereas the Chinese prefer to adopt a systematic approach, and search within themselves.

The real happiness in Western society is based upon a materialistic approach, whereas the Chinese believe that true happiness is achieved by inner intervention, as the truth is the key to eternal bliss and happiness. The Western society believes in individualism, whereas the Chinese culture has faith in collectivism and fundamental connections with others. A Westerner is overwhelmed by pragmatic, materialistic and emotional approaches in comparison to the Chinese, who have a more missionary and spiritual approach towards life. The Westerner analyzes and the Chinese meditate. The Chinese believe in virtues and Westerners believe in value ethics.


1. Westerners believe in individualism, and Chinese believe in collectivism. 2. The Western culture has the freedom to express affection freely, whereas the Chinese culture is puritanical. 3. Western and Chinese philosophies are unique and entirely different to each other. 4. The Chinese believe in relationships, and searching for inner bliss and happiness through meditation. 5. The Western culture believes in a materialistic approach, and has a pragmatic and emotional attitude.

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