The Caveman

Topics: Literature, Writing, The Script Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Crew Report and Evaluation

Kelvin Chua

In Transit – Writer/Director
The Rift – 1st Assistant Camera/Gaffer Assistant
Dark Vixen – 1st Assistant Camera/Gaffer Assistant

In Transit – Director/Writer

Writing for In Transit has been a very interesting experience for me as this is the first time I have written a shooting script. Overall, I feel that, I need to have more writing experience. I think, in general, coming out with characters that has depth is quite a challenge. A lot of times I face with having difficulties in coming out with a script that shows subtext. The way David and I tried to rectify this problem is to actually write the dialogues, act it out and make the necessary changes to the script. We also worked with Julian (Nate) and Alix (Amy) with the dialogues. They proved to make a lot of improvement to the script. The other main problem that I faced is writing for Meng’s dialogue. As Meng is a typical Singaporean, he has poor command of English; therefore he either speaks Singlish, which is a local form of English or dialect. Coming out with a Singlish dialogue that’s able to make foreign audience understand without taking out its context and meaning is difficult. Luckily I got Michael Chua (Meng) to work on Meng’s dialogue. We managed to work out a balance.

The script as a whole is not complete, as I think more time needs to be spent on developing the relationships of the characters. What I have done is that I am just trying to fit a lot of information into a tiny space of 10 minutes, which is pretty much impossible.

To sum it all up, I think with the amount of time and experience that I had, I did a fairly decent job in coming out with a locked version of the script.

Directing for In Transit is like a box of chocolates. You just never know what you’re going to get, especially making last minute changes to script due to locations etcetera, etcetera. The main issues that I faced with, as the director is that due to...
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