The Boy on a Dolphin

Topics: History, Greeks, Government Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: April 29, 2013
1.Dr. Calder’s motivations are to find the statue for an archaeological discovery and to give it to the government. He does not want Victor Parmalee to get ahold of the statue because he knows if he does, he will steal the statue from Greece and sale it and also not give Phaedra any profit. Dr. Calder does not want the important statue to end up in the wrong hands of Victor Pharmalee. He wants the country of Greece to hold claim to their ancient t culture such as the boy on the dolphin, he does not want them to lose that. 2.Victor Pharmalee’s motivation for pursing the boy on the Dolphin is so that he can steal the archaeological find and make a profit. He wanted to get to the Dolphin before Calder so that he could inherit a large fortune. His motivations for the statue are purely for himself. 3.Phaedra’s view at first toward the statue is for the benefit of her little brother and herself. She doesn’t trust Calder at first because she thinks he will try to scam her so instead she turns her trust to Victor, who in all actuality is the wrong person to trust. Toward the end of the movie her motivations toward the statue are for not only her little brother and herself but also for the country of Greece. 4.The Governments interest toward the statue is for the benefit of Greece. It would bring money to their land and people. They do not want Victor Parmalee to steal it from them and sale it to some other country. The government feels the statue belongs to them since it was found off the coast of their country and since it is art that is a part of their ancient history.

Dr. Calder viewed the statue as cultural patrimony and cultural treasure. He viewed the statue as cultural patrimony because he felt that it belonged to the country of Greece, not just one person. He also viewed it as cultural treasure because it is art that belong to the Greeks from many years ago; it is art that is part of the Greek culture. •Victor Parmalee viewed the statue as...
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