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Textiles Shop Profile

By talimbamaja Jan 10, 2014 445 Words
Shop Profile
The shop that will be selling my product will be a high street store like Topshop, River Island or Miss Selfridge. It will sell a variety of different products ranging from make-up to fashionable clothing and footwear. It will also sell bags and accessories such as jewellery. The products will be arranged in a neat and formal layout in the store and I would make sure my product was visible to the customers which would also make it easier for them to find and the customer would be able to reach it. The clothing products in the store would be hung neatly on clothing rails and footwear would be stored on shelves. Occasionally, clothing products such as jeans and plain t-shirts will be folded up on standing tables. Window displays will show the newest and most fashionable arrivals and will be shown on mannequins to give customers an idea on what the product looks like on. The price for the products would range from £10 to £60 as this is reasonable pricing depending on the product bought. The customers visiting the shops will be aged 16-25 as the products will be very fashionable and most of them will be very affordable. The older customers will be able to afford the more extravagant pieces of clothing while the younger customers will be able to afford the cheaper alternatives.

Customer Profile
The age and gender of my customers will be young females ranging between the ages of 16-25. Some of the customers will be in education such as school, collage, sixth form or university while the older customers will be working in part time jobs or even full time jobs. The customer’s purpose for buying my product will be for a special occasion or event such as a party or a prom. The customers would keep up with trends as they are quite young and will most likely want to experiment with different types of clothing and different styles to find which clothing style is suited to them. My customers may have a decent amount of disposable income if they have a part time job or a full time job, but the younger customers, those in education such as school, would most likely not have much disposable income as they do not work and do not receive a salary. This means that most of the customers wouldn’t be able to shop at high end or designer boutiques as the products will not be within an appropriate budget for them. My customers would be prepared to spend £20-£30 on my product as it will be well designed and will be very fashionable for a special occasion.

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