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Topics: Tourism, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, United States Pages: 14 (3788 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Overview of Tourism
4 Phenomena that contributed to Mass Tourism
* Increasing leisure time (more paid vacations)
* Increasing income
* Travel became possible for all
* Invention of the Jet engine

Travel times NY-Sydney 1929-present
* NY and Sydney are essentially at opposite ends of the world. * Since 1969 technology has not shifted much as it still takes basically a day to get from one place to the other. Now With the development of the Boeing 777 long-range jet now any two cities can be connected. This plane carries fewer passengers to make room for more fuel. But it still takes at least a day.

Be able to identify a natural, cultural, historical and man-made (human based) tourism resource

Global impacts and distribution of Tourism
Impacts of Tourism
* Benefits and Disadvantages

Benefits of Tourism- Economic
* Provides employment opportunity
* Generates foreign exchange
* Increases personal income and GNP
* Can be built on existing infrastructure: What does this mean? Typically infrastructure, which supports tourism, may already exist at a destination. Like an airport, or historical attractions or resources for residents (like Tempe Town Lake which attracts tourists but is for the use of residents.) * Can be developed with local products and services

* Diversifies the economy so the economy is less vulnerable to recession * Tends to be compatible with other economic actives
* Spreads development
* High multiplier effect
* Increase government revenues

Disadvantages of Tourism- Economic
* Result in high leakage- Money leaving the economy
* Creates difficulty in seasonality
* Cause inflation
* Can result in unbalanced economic development
* Increases vulnerability to economic and political changes

Benefits of Tourism- Social
* Broadens cultural and economic horizons
* Improves quality of life – higher incomes and improved standards of living * Provide tourist and recreational facilities that may be used by the local population - so a public resource may be developed for tourists and it ends up being used by the local population too Disadvantages of tourism-Social

* Commercialize culture, religion and arts .
* Creates conflict/Misunderstanding in/with the host community * Contributes to disease, economic fluctuations and transportation problems * Day to day activities: increased pace of life, congestion and over crowding, competition for leisure resources

All cultures are dynamic. Cultures change and evolve due to internal and external forces: Acculturation

Benefits of tourism – Cultural
* Reinforces preservation of heritage and tradition
* Visitors interest in local culture provides employment for the locals * Breakdown language barriers, socio cultural barriers, class barriers, race barriers * Creates a favorable worldwide image of the destination * Promotes a global community

* Promotes international understanding and peace
* Generates cultural understanding and awareness

Disadvantages of tourism- Cultural
* Morality and social norms
* Change sexual norms and behavior
* Kissing in public, prostitution, trying to dress like tourists * Shift in the importance of religious practices
* Which may become tourist attractions

Benefits of tourism- Environmental
Tourism promotes conservation activities by convincing politicians, government officials and the general public about the importance of natural areas for generating income from tourism. Environmental awareness- For example, why should the tiger be protected. It kills people, kills livestock, scary to walk around and through the forest) Every year 5 people are killed by tigers. Many animals are killed. if environment is protected that will bring more tourists. Justification of protecting animals. If the...
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