Taqa Level 3 in Assessing Candidates Vocational

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TAQA Level 3 in Assessing Candidates Vocational Competence: Assignment 2 Unit 301: Understanding the principles and practices of assessment.Unit 302: Assess occupational competence in the work environment.Unit 303: Assess vocational skills, knowledge and understanding. | Trainee Assessor Name| Assessor Trainer Name|

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In this evidence you will need to explain your understanding of the principles and requirements of your assessment practices. 1. Explain how peer and self assessment can be used to promote effective learner involvement in the assessment process, what are the benefits of learners taking ownership and responsibility for their learning journey:It is important to involve learners in the assessment process as it is theirs. They need to take responsibility for their progression and learning. This will encourage and motivate learners to think about their own performance and assess their learning and competencies. Part of the learning journey is for the learner to be competent in seeing their own skills and abilities and be able to guide themselves. They should be able to identify their progressions themselves through self-evaluation and through gaining feedback from their peers. This is a great way to encourage a positive learning journey.This evidence will be referenced to Unit 301 Assessment Criteria 4.3|

2. Explain how you would deal with disagreements and disputes regarding your assessment process and assessment decisions, making reference to the LEAD appeals and complaints procedures.If there were to be a disagreement or dispute regarding an assessment decision I had made, I would firstly discuss this with the learner explaining the reasoning for my judgment and showing them the standards and why the criteria had not been met. If this was not satisfactory explanation for the learner I would inform my supervisor who would then look at my assessment and conclude if she is in agreement with my decision. If this is the case this would be explained to the learner. Every effort would be made to satisfy the learner and support and guidance in how to meet the criteria would be given.This evidence will be referenced to Unit 301 Assessment Criteria 6.3 3. Explain how your effectively manage all assessment information, the importance of following information management systems and procedures, why all information should be accurately and legibly recorded and the procedures you follow to submit assessment information to the centre in line with agreed IQA procedures. We have set procedures of how to handle and organize our assessment information. They are all kept in a portfolio in a set order that will be the same across the team. It is important that we follow this as if another member of staff had to pick up a learner from me my work would be organised and set out for them to carry on. It is also good way to keep a clear audit trail to which strengthens your evidence within the portfolio. This evidence will be referenced to Unit 301 Assessment Criteria 7.1|

4. Explain how you make effective and consistent assessment decisions using the agreed assessment methods and the evidence provided. I do this by knowing and understanding the standards. I keep up to date with any changes in legislation that may be relevant or any changes in the criteria within a qualification. I continuously try to develop my knowledge, skills and competency. I use peer assessment to help me ensure I am using the best assessment methods and check regularly with co-workers for advice and guidance. I ensure most of all that my assessments included fair and consistent decisions throughout. This evidence will be referenced to Unit 302 Assessment Criteria 1| 5. Explain how you prepare for assessments of vocational knowledge and understanding, the assessment methods you use to include oral and documented knowledge questions, multiple choice internal assessments of knowledge,...
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