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Tale of Two Cities

By TalSim3 Feb 24, 2013 640 Words
Book II “The Golden Thread” Journal

Chapters 1-5:


Recalled (to life): Dickens title Book I “Recalled to life” and throughout the novel it has been brought up multiple times. It is used to begin a new start to a character’s life. ➢“The Judge, whose eyes had gone in the general direction, recalled them…” (67). The two witnesses will change Charles Darnay’s life forever. If he goes to prison, his life could essentially be similar to Doctor Manette’s. ➢‘“You had abandoned all hope of being dug out?’ ‘Long ago.’ ‘You know that you are recalled to life?’ ‘They tell me so’” (17). This quote is referring to how Doctor Manette is getting after prison after 18 years and will have to start a new life. •Death: Dickens uses death as a symbol for the end of secrets, people, and ideas. He also uses Death in Books I and II to create a mysterious and dark tone for the remainder of a scene. ➢“…putting to Death was a recipe much in vogue…Death is Nature’s remedy for all things…” (56). Dickens is saying the death can fix anything that has gone wrong and can put a stop to anything. ➢“…everyone of those darkly clustered houses encloses its own secret; that every room in every one of them encloses its own secret…Something of the awfulness, even of Death itself, is referable to this” (14-15). In this passage, Dickens is telling the readers that death can silence a person and all of their secrets.

Class Notes with Additional Recurrences:

Literary Device(s):
“When the Attorney-General ceased, a buzz arose in the court as if a cloud of great blue-flies were swarming about the prisoner, in anticipations of what he was soon to become” (69). ➢Extended metaphor

In this time period, people were excited for others to be executed. Dickens uses blue-flies in a metaphor for the people in the courtroom whom are hoping to see a public execution. Flies tend to be rather annoying and can come in a large mass, therefore they represent the courtroom audience. Flies usually “buzz” around looking for food to eat, as do the spectators. However, they’re looking for pure amusement.

“…putting to Death was a recipe much in vogue…Death is Nature’s remedy for all things…was put to Death…was put to Death…was put to Death…were put to Death” (56). ➢Capitalization of Words and Repetition

Throughout the novel, certain points need to be emphasized to show the read how important a theme of society truly is. Dickens is constantly doing this. For example, on page 56, he wants to show the reader Tellson’s bank has the ability to get people executed for the most ridiculous crimes. The crimes do not even add up, there for a murderer should not be give the same punishment of innocent choir vocalists that sang in the incorrect key. Dickens wants the reader to see how screwed up society is and how disappointed is his about it.

Class Notes with Additional Literary Devices:

What can one infer from Dickens’ tone about Tellson’s Bank on the bottom of page 55. What can this tell you about what has happened to London’s economy and how it has affected the bank? •What can we infer from the rust on Jerry’s hands and the mud on his boots? •Why would Jerry’s wife be praying for him?

What is Tellson’s Bank hiding?
Additional Level-Two Questions:

Does death really solve everything or does it just cover up things that can’t be solved? •Does death silence the mistakes that others could learn from? •If banks have been doing business for such a long time, why do some people question the level of trust they have with them? Additional Level-Three Questions:

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