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* Resemble a small electric motor in size and appearance and operates like a variable transformer. * Synchros are used primarily for the rapid and accurate transmission of data. They are also used as control devices in servo systems. SERVO

* Servos are powerful. They can move heavy loads and be remotely controlled with great precision by synchro devices. * Servo systems are either electromechanical, electro hydraulic, hydraulic, or pneumatic. ROTOR

* A SYNCHRO ROTOR is composed of either a single coil of wire wound on a laminated core or a group of coils wound in slots in a laminated core. The laminated core is rigidly mounted on a shaft that is free to turn inside the stator. Two slip rings are mounted on one end of the shaft to supply excitation voltage to the rotor. There are two common types of synchro rotors - the salient-pole rotor and the drum or wound rotor.

* The SALIENT-POLE ROTOR has a single coil of wire wound on a laminated core, shaped like a dumbbell or the letter "H." This type of rotor is frequently used in transmitters and receivers.

* The DRUM OR WOUND ROTOR may be wound continuously with a single length of wire or may have a group of coils connected in series. This type of rotor is used in most synchro control transformers and differential units, and occasionally in torque transmitters. When used in differential units, the rotor is wound with three coils so their magnetic axes are 120 degrees apart.


* A SYNCHRO STATOR is a cylindrical structure of slotted lamination on which three Y-connected coils are wound with their axes 120° apart.
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