Syllabus for CMP-354

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Syllabus for CMP-354


Network Technologies provides students with the fundamental concepts of data communications. This course teaches practical approaches when designing and implementing a network environment of varying sizes. It includes an analysis of the physical and logical aspects of the network infrastructure and the various industry standards and models available. The material also consists of the common tools and techniques utilized to optimize the performance and secure the core network components and resources. Throughout this course the students will develop and build their analytical and problem solving skills. Specific topics covered include: network architectures, topologies, media and devices, protocols, and servers and security.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

Describe the different types of networks and architectures.
Explain the need for standards organizations and network models. Assess the characteristics of a physical and logical topology. Identify the functionality of various types of network media and devices. Discuss the role of low and high level data communication protocols. Evaluate the functions of various types of network servers and services. Apply the common types of management techniques and tools to monitor and troubleshoot the network. Analyze the concepts needed for security and where it should be applied to minimize exposure on a network.

You will need the following materials to do the work of the course. The required textbook is available from the College's textbook supplier, MBS Direct.

Required Textbook

Ciccarelli, P., Faulkner, C., FitzGerald, J., Dennis, A., Groth, D., Skandier, T., and Miller, F. (2013). Networking Basics, (2nd ed.). New York: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN-13: 978-1118077801

Student Companion Site

Network Technologies is a three-credit, online course, consisting of five (5) assignment modules. Each assignment module includes learning objectives, study materials, and activities. Module titles are listed below.

Module 1: Network Concepts

Module 2: Network Infrastructure

Module 3: Network Protocols

Module 4: Communication Services

Module 5: Monitoring and Protecting the Network

Consult the course Calendar for assignment due dates.

For your formal work in the course, you are required to participate in online discussion forums, complete written assignments, take quizzes, and complete a final project. See below for more details.

Consult the course Calendar for assignment due dates.

Discussion Forums
In addition to an ungraded "Introductions" forum in module 1, Network Technologies requires you to participate in five (5) graded online discussion forums.

Communication with the mentor and among fellow students is a critical component of online learning. Participation in online discussions involves two distinct assignments: an initial response to a posted question and subsequent comments on classmates' responses.

You will be evaluated both on the quality of your responses (i.e., your understanding of readings and concepts as demonstrated by well-articulated, critical thinking) and quantity of your participation (i.e., the number of times you participate meaningfully in the assigned forums). Responses and comments should be properly proofread and edited, professional, and respectful.

Meaningful participation in online discussions is relevant to the content, adds value, and advances the discussion. Comments such as "I agree" and "ditto" are not considered value-adding participation. Therefore, when you agree or disagree with a classmate, the reading, or your mentor, state and support your agreement or disagreement.

For posting guidelines and help with discussion forums, please see the Student Handbook located within the General Information page...
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