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Operations Management

Fall 2013

Required Text and Learning Materials:

Textbook: Managing Business Process Flows: Principles of Operations Management, 3/E Authors: Anupindi, Chopra, Deshmukh, Van Mieghem & Zemel, ISBN-10: 0136036376 ISBN-13: 9780136036371

Harvard Business School Cases:
The following cases must be purchased online

“Wriston Manufacturing Corp” Hammond, Janice H. Product number:698049-PDF-ENG "Shouldice Hospital Ltd. (Abridged)." Hallowell, Roger; Heskett, James L. Product number: 805002-PDF-ENG "Curtis-Swann (A)." Case No. 9-189-174. Published 04/25/1989, Harvard Business School Publishing, (17 pages). Provided by instructor with permission from the publisher. "Flanders of Springfield." Schleifer, Arthur, Jr. Product number: 894005-PDF-ENG "Executive Shirt Co., Inc." Hammond, Janice H.; Ryckebusch, Sylvie. Product number: 696071-PDF-ENG

Simulation Exercise Material (Details will be posted on the Blackboard).

Course Description:
This course aims to (1) direct your attention to fundamental problems and issues confronting all operations managers, (2) provide you with language, concepts, and insights which will help you to deal with these issues in order to gain competitive advantage through operations, and (3) further develop your ability to use analytical approaches and tools to understand and handle various managerial situations. Because the course deals with the management of “processes”, it applies to both for-profit and non-profit organizations, to both service and manufacturing organizations, and to virtually any functional area or industry. Course Overview:

This course should be of particular interest to people aspiring to a career in designing and managing business processes, either directly (e.g... V.P., COO, CEO etc.) or indirectly (e.g., management consulting). However, this material also has great value to all parties who need to manage the interfaces between operations and other business functions such as finance, marketing, managerial accounting and human resources. Finally, a greater appreciation of the operations function, which typically employs the greatest number of employees and requires the largest investment in assets, is indispensable for all general managers and entrepreneurs. Intuitively, this course is arranged around 5 key questions: 1. What is the best type of process to deliver my product?

2. How do I figure out how much I can make or deliver?
3. What is the significance of variability in managing my processes? 4. What tools do I have to respond to variability in my processes? 5. How do I combine ideas and pull tools together to form a good response to variability in realistic settings?

Case 1: Wriston Manufacturing - This case deals with a medium sized firm with a network of plants. Plants are configured to focus on a process type (job shop, batch flow, continuous flow). Products move through the plant based on their position in their product life cycle. Consideration of the case motivates students to wrestle with a variety of questions including: What is the right match between life cycle stage and plant strategy? What other decisions are most consistent with the strategy for the plant’s roll in the system? Is it reasonable to measure performance in the same way across plants with differing missions? How are the qualitative aspects of the production strategy reflected in the managerial approach to plant management?

Case 2: Shouldice Hospital – This case deals with a streamlined process in a focused facility in the health-care industry. While such settings are notoriously difficult to manage due to high levels of variability along multiple dimensions, this firm very cleverly focuses its service delivery strategy to minimize the negative impacts of that variability. The resulting service delivery process presents a rather straight forward example to be analyzed. This system is used to introduce several fundamental aspects of process...
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