Topics: Management, Strategic management, Decision making Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: November 2, 2014

BUSN 3200 MW9 Fall 2014
Dr. Marilyn Blau
Mblau@Brooklyn.cuny.eduMonday 9:30AM – 10:45 AM Whitehead Room 518A Office Hours: Mon. 8:00 - 9:30 AM (by appointment please) room 102A Required Text: Management A Practical Introduction, 6th edition, Kinicki and Williams, ISBN 978-0-07-802954-7 Description:

This course explores the essential concepts and theories that provide a foundation for the study of business administration. Objectives:
The rewards, benefits, and privileges of being a manager, 7 challenges of being a manager, 4 principal functions of management, levels and areas of management, the roles and skill managers need. The historical perspectives of management- classical, behavioral, and quantitative. The 3 cotemporary viewpoints of management and what a learning organization is all about. Understanding the environment managers operate in and their responsibilities, internal and external stakeholders, and the 2 types of environment. The ethical and social responsibilities of being a manager, and how to manage diversity in the workforce. Globalization, worldwide megafirms and minifirms, international management, barriers to free trade and promotion of free trade, cultural differences in the international scene Planning and its’ benefits, fundamentals of planning, establishment of mission and vision statements, 3 types of planning, strategic, tactical, and operational, SMART goals, and the planning/control cycle. Strategic Management, and planning, competitive intelligence, and how grand strategy is developed, SWOT analysis and forecasting. How strategy is formulated, carried out and controlled Decision making both individual and group levels, rational and Non-rational decision making, evidence-based decision making styles, ethical decision making. Organizational culture and structures, 3 types of organizations, 7 characteristics of an organization Human Resource...
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