Summer Internship Report

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Industrial Training Report

Report on Summer Industrial Training at
Heavy Engineering Division (HED) of
Larsen & Toubro Limited, Powai Works

Prepared by
Subhrajit Bhattacharya
Undergraduate Student, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Roll no.: 02ME1041

Under the Guidance of
Mr. N. R. Raykar
Senior Manager, FPEX, HED, L&T Powai Works

Industrial Training Report
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This is to certify that Subhrajit Bhattacharya, form IIT Kharagpur, has undergone training in the FPEX SBU of HED in L&T Limited., Powai Works for a period of 8 weeks from 5th May to 30th June, 2005, under my guidance. His performance has been satisfactory so as to fulfill all the requirements for successful completion of the training. This document is a bona fide testimony of the trainings undergone and works carried out by him in this course.


Mr. N. R. Raykar,
Senior Manager, FPEX, FP3,
HED, L&T Limited., Powai Works.

Industrial Training Report
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As a part of the curriculum, and for the partial fulfillment of the requirements for completion of the B.Tech degree from IIT Kharagpur, I, Subhrajit Bhattacharya, underwent an industrial training at the HED of L&T Limited., Powai Works for 8 weeks during the two months period of May-June, 2005.

L&T Limited., Powai Works, located at Powai, a place in Mumbai, is a vast industry with wide variety of disciplines. The primary engineering divisions that this industry possess are HED, E&C, ECC and EBG. Among them, HED (Heavy Engineering Division) is a manufacturing unit. In L&T Powai, HED primarily has got three Strategic Business Units (SBU) namely, FPEX, CGPP and RCOG.

FPEX, FP3 was the department in which I was placed for the industrial training. This department is concerned with design and manufacture of Waste Heat Boilers. These equipments have vast application and demand in chemical industries, fertilizer plants, petroleum refineries, etc. The designs of these equipments are performed in multiple stages involving detailed calculations and complex analysis to provide maximum safety. But care also needs to be taken to prevent over designing, which will otherwise increase the material and manufacturing costs as well as the equipment weight making the transportation difficult and expensive.

Hence the HED of Powai Works has a huge department concerned with the designing of the equipments, besides the gigantic workshops where manufacturing of the equipments take place.
Under the guidance of Mr. N.R.Raykar, Senior Manager, HED, I got the opportunity to have exposure to the works carried out in this department of the industry, and hence learn a good deal from them. During the period of two months of industrial training, the works primarily assigned were concerned with finite element analysis and allied topics. A brief discussion on the assignments given and training undergone during this period follows.

Industrial Training Report
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Assignments completed during training
Below is listed the primary tasks assigned and completed during the period of training. Brief discussions on each of the assignments will follow under the remaining sub-sections of Section 2. The Procedures developed, Documentations made and the Results obtained are described in the Appendices, after Section 2. 1. Study on ASME Section VIII, Division-2, Appendix-4

Study on stress categorization.
ii. Study on definitions of Plastic analysis, Limit analysis, Collapse Load and Shakedown analysis as described in ASME Section VIII, Division2, Appendix-4 code. 2. Plastic analysis – theory and FE Analysis

Literature survey on Plastic Analysis.
ii. Preparation of procedure for Elastic-Plastic Analysis using Ansys. iii. Preparation of procedure for Shakedown analysis using Ansys. iv. Development of a procedure and a MS Visual Basic code for finding Shakedown Load using Melan's theorem....

References: 1. ASME Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology.
2. ASME codes for Pressure Vessel design.
3. ‘Design by Analysis CD Manual’ issued by European Pressure Equipment
Research Council, University of Strathclyde.
4. Elasto-Plastic Analysis document, Nitin Joseph, Technology Centre Process
Plant & Technology.
5. Bickel and Ruiz, ‘Pressure Vessel Design& Analysis’
6. J. Spence and A.S.Tooth, ‘Pressure Vessel Design Concepts and Principles’
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