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Bo Liang
Dr. Byars-Nichols
October 30, 2012

Obesity is perhaps one of the biggest problems society faces today, people are asking the question: Who is to blame?  Fast food, while a major contributor, but it is not the only cause of the obesity epidemic in America. In particular, food producers that supply the high calorie, minimally nutritious, and highly processed foods that dominate our market must be examined. Although the external factors are important, it is more important for American citizens to educate themselves to make more informed individual decisions.

Agriculture plays a crucial role in the life of an economy; governmental support programs provide U.S. families with an affordable, reliable supply of food, but these policies have contributed to today’s obesity. Although making fast food is quick and economically appealing, fast food should not be our lifestyle choice.  Individuals are responsible for their own health, and if we want to keep up with the high pace of modern life, we had better learn to make the fight choices about what and how we eat.

Summary Worksheet
Michale Pollan’s The Way We Live Now [2003]
Main claims:
1. As Michale Pollan point out that over product and restaurant in low price that contributed to decreasing health in Americans. 2. Michale Pollan claims that governmental farm policies reinforce agricultural overproduction of basic crops (such as corn) also contributes “obesity epidemic.” 3. Michale Pollan observes that big food company and its marketing practice are also blame for American’s “obesity epidemic.” Examples:

1. Michale Pollan states that “The underlying problem is agricultural overproduction” (3) 2. Michale Pollan claims that the government contradicts itself by subsidizing corn and “writing farmers a check for every bushel of corn they can grow.” These policies “are also undermining our public-health goals.”(5) 3....

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