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Topics: International student, Kill, Battle Royale II: Requiem Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: December 4, 2013

RDG 101
Dr. Sari
Film project on “Battle Royale”

Battle Royale, directed by Kinji Fukasaku and written by Koushun Takami is quite the gory, thrilling and wild film about a 9th grade class that is randomly chosen to participate in the once a year Japanese event, “Battle Royale”. The Battle Royale Act has been passed since 800,000 students decided to boycott the school system. The BR Act chooses a random 9th grade class to fight each other until the death and the last one remaining is awarded with their own life. The story opens with a frantic news broadcast about a young girl being brought back to mainland Japan after she wins the latest "Battle Royale". She was covered in blood, smiling.

A student is shown coping with his father’s death, walking into home where he finds his Father their hanging from the fan. Meanwhile another student walks into the class 3-B late apologizing to teacher, the Teacher then quickly walks out but then is startled as he is attacked by another student in the hallway. One year later, the same class is on a bus trip. They seem to be enjoying themselves thinking that their just on a school trip but they all get gassed and pass out not to wake up until their in their debriefing room. In this room, Kitano their former teacher explains to them that their class has been chosen for Battle Royale. They then watch a video that cheerfully instructs them that they have 3 days until one student is remaining or else they’ll kill the students any way by detonating a bomb that’s in a collar that each of the students are wearing. Each student is given basic survival supplies and a random weapon. The students are very riled up as Kitano is very hostile and kills one of the students on the spot because she was whispering during the video.

12 of the students die the first day, 4 of them being couple suicides. Kitano brought two exchange students which are later revealed that they’ve participated in Battle Royale before. One being...
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