Successful learning experience in your life

Topics: Education, Learning, Knowledge Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: May 11, 2014
Successful Learning Experience with IDEA Store:
I have different types of goal in my life. I have tried to fulfil these goals through different learning experience in the whole course of my life. Some of my goals have been fulfilled very easily without giving enough efforts. But some of the goals of my life take lots of efforts, motivations and dedications to complete. Recently, I had a very good and successful learning experience with IDEA store. From the beginning of my career, I like to gain knowledge from different fields. In the course of gaining knowledge, I had decided to admit in a course offering by IDEA store on Sage Payroll Software. I had interest in payroll. So when I got the opportunity to learn more about payroll and the software, I didn’t take a minute to wait. And IDEA Store was offering the course in a very cheap fee. Thus, without any hesitation I joined the team. There were students of different professionals in the class. Some students were from accounting back ground and some students were from human resources. That was an advantage of this course. I could share my knowledge with different types of professionals and could get their perspective and real life experiences. The course tutor was very friendly and sharing. After being in touch with the course tutor, I learn that teaching not only can be a profession, but also a passion. I have passed 10 weeks without any difficulties though payroll was a new subject for me. There were pressures of assignments and completion of regular task. But the systematic learning ways of the course, hard work and dedication helped me to become automatic learner. And at the end of the course, I was certified. My successful learning experience from IDEA store teach me that if a teacher can make a class enjoyable, the students are bound to motivate for success.
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