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The Arctic Circle is located at a latitude of 66 degrees 33 feet 39 inches North. The problem with this statement is the actual latitude of the Arctic Circle is continuously changing due to the tilt of the Earth. It is important to maximize your sample size when developing a predictive model like the height and shoe length model we explored in the Experimental Laboratory 1. What is the purpose of a large sample size? A large sample size provides the scientist with a more accurate representation of the sampled population and increases the predictability of the model. The metric system is an international system of units based on the fundamental or base units of meter, gram, and liter. What are the three major factors affecting net radiation? Time of day and year, cloud cover, and albedo A meteogram is a time cross-section of meteorological data including but not limited to temperatures, winds, pressure, clouds, and current weather. Dark colored surfaces like a dark roof reflect less radiation than light colored surfaces like snow. The lowest layer of the atmosphere is the troposphere.

The summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere occurs on this date. June 21 The annual range of temperature may be described as the difference between the average temperatures of the warmest and coldest months. Ozone filters out most of the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. Hail is most commonly associated with cumulonimbus.

When warm moist air moves over a cold surface, advection fog may result. This fog results from adiabatic cooling. Upslope
We are likely to have our highest relative humidity about sunrise. This term is used to describe clouds found in the middle height range. Alto The process of converting a liquid to vapor is termed evaporation. These clouds are often called "fair weather" clouds. Cumulus Thunder and lightning are associated with these clouds. Cumulonimbus The line separating the dark half of Earth from the lighted half is...
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