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Ÿ -1A patient who starts chemotherapy for a solid tumor may develop tumor lysis syndrome (TLS) How is it treated? (838): --Prevent it by recognizing the patient population who is at risk and initiating prophylactic measures before antineoplastic therapy begins -Hydration: maintain urinary output of 150 mL/hour. Should begin 24 to 48 hours before treatment before and at lest 72 hours after treatment. -Diuretics: may be used to promote the excretion of phosphate and uric acid. -Allopurinol: prevents uric acid formation. Begun a few days before. Continued 3-5 days after treatment to complete. -Sodium bicarbonate: is used to maintain an alkaline urine (pH>7) to prevent uric acid crystallization. -Calcium gluconate :Given IV is used to correct hypocalcaemia. Ÿ If your platelets are low, should you use a blade razor?(838) --No, use electric razor

Ÿ What is the difference between a benign tumor and malignant? --Malignant tumor: growing worse, resisting treatment; said of cancerous growths. Also tending or treating to produce earth; harmful. --Benign: not recurrent or progressive; opposite of malignant. Ÿ When would you place the Neutrogena patient in reverse isolation?(833) --The nurse needs to protect the patient against pathogens, monitor the patient for signs of infection, and respond aggressively if infection occurs. Reverse isolation private room to prevent transmission. Ÿ Your patient is post-op craniotomy and has increased pulse and increasing blood pressure. Would you be concerned and what should you do? --

Ÿ What are the laboratory test that are collected for neuroblastoma?(Found on internet) --Initial screen for neuroblastoma
-Vanillymandelic Acid (VMA)
-Homovanillic Acid(HVA)
-Blood test will reveal high level of nor epinephrine or dopamine -MIBG Scan locates and determines the extent of the neuroblastoma -Biopsy
-CT or MRI
Ÿ What value is considered thrombocytopenia?(834)...
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