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Tracy, a manager at a busy warehouse, was slow to hire new employees, preferring instead to encourage improvements from his current staff. He carefully watched his other costs too, performing equipment maintenance on a regular basis to improve its lifespan. Tracy would best be described as a(n) _____ manager. efficient •Marie recently became a managing partner at her law firm. Though her job has changed, she still needs to have the necessary ______ skills to advise and review the contracts of the real estate attorneys that she manages. technical. •By mid-century, the percentage of Hispanics (of any race) in the U.S. population is expected to ______, and the percentage of non-Hispanic whites is expected to ______. double; decrease

Human skills are important for ________ managers. all levels of

When Barrett, a college administrator, is determining which of several degree programs his campus will offer, he is involved in the management function of controlling. False

When a college of medicine discovers that nursing student enrollments are down from the previous years, and decides to update the courses offered, it is performing which of the functions of management? False

Derrick is a clinic director running a downtown Chicago facility for a large nonprofit health organization. He receives most of his strategic direction from the organization and supervises several department managers in his workplace. Derrick is a middle manager

The primary measure of success of a nonprofit organization is typically the effectiveness of the services delievered

True is better than new" is one of the truths of evidence-based management

A good reason for studying theoretical perspectives of management is that it provides clues to the meaning of your managers' decisions

The practice of management is both an art and a science. True

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth identified 17 basic units of ______, each of which they called a "therblig." motion

Camille runs a consulting business that assists in the hiring process, using a team of psychologists to help companies to better understand their specific jobs and the type of employees that are best suited to fill them. Her business relies on the work of which behavioral theory pioneer? Hugo Munsterberg

Among the recommendations of Mary Parker Follett was that integration should occur in organizations when conflicts arise.

Amanda was a tough manager and made it a regular practice to check up on her staff, looking for cheating on timesheets and people coming back late from lunch. Her employees were often dissatisfied with Amanda since she was a(n) ________ manager. Theory X

Curran Investments has had a very profitable year in its business of providing financial advice. The profit would be considered a(n) ______ of the system. output

The psychological mechanism of motivated blindness discourages cheating among students. False

Only those with an ownership interest in a company are known as stakeholders. False

Some firms do not have a board of directors True

Which of the following is believed to have contributed to the Pacific Gas and Electric natural gas pipeline explosion in 2010? Illegal field practices by construction crews.

Employees at Zachary's Chicago Pizza in California can purchase company stock and thus become owners through a device called a trustee arrangment

Which of the following is an example of an external stakeholder for the department store chain Macy's? A customer who purchases a mattress at Macy's

A large athletic shoe company has agreed to work with a smaller company that has a new line of athletic clothing since the bigger firm does not have a similar offering and the smaller firm has limited experience in marketing and distribution. The two firms could be described as strategic allies

A state government offered a German solar research company a tax break if it located its U.S....
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