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Question 1
In which of the following areas of management is payback analysis most likely to be used? Choose one answer.
a. Human resource
b. Communication
c. Cost
d. Quality
Question 2
Project _____ management involves defining and managing all the work required to complete the project successfully. Choose one answer.
a. human resource
b. scope
c. time
d. cost
Question 3
A difference between strategic and tactical goals is that:
Choose one answer.
a. strategic goals are more specific than tactical goals.
b. tactical goals encompass broader dimensions than strategic goals. c. tactical goals are more important for a project than strategic goals. d. strategic goals are long-term in nature whereas tactical goals are short-term. Question 4

Which of the following is true of low-end tools of the project management software? Choose one answer.
a. They are designed for especially large projects with multiple users. b. Their main advantage is that they have unlimited functionality. c. They provide basic project management features.
d. They are referred to as an enterprise project management software. Question 5
A/An _____ refers to a product or service, such as a technical report, a training session, a piece of hardware, or a segment of software code, produced or provided as part of a project. Choose one answer.

a. deliverable
b. input
c. system
d. resource
Question 6
Project managers must take adequate time to identify, understand, and manage relationships with all project stakeholders. Answer: True False
Question 7
Joe is a project manager in an IT company and has over the years, gained substantial knowledge in his area of work. However, while managing his team, he often loses his temper. In addition, he fails to be an active listener when his team members approach him with work related challenges. In which of the following areas does Joe need to develop his skills in? Choose one answer.

a. Application area knowledge
b. Project environment knowledge
c. Standards and regulations
d. Human relations skills
Question 8
Most colleges and universities have very strong functional organizations. Answer: True False
Question 9
Most people believe that the underlying causes of many companies’ problems can be traced to its organizational structure. Answer: False
Question 10
The _____ model of a systems development life cycle provides for progressive development of operational software, with each release providing added capabilities. Choose one answer.
a. spiral life cycle
b. RAD life cycle
c. waterfall life cycle
d. incremental build life cycle
Question 11
Until the 1980s, project management primarily focused on providing schedule and resource data to top management in the military, computer, and construction industries. Answer: TRUE
Question 12
Managing the triple constraint primarily involves making trade-offs between resources and quality. Answer: False
Question 13
A _____ is a tool used in quality management.
Choose one answer.
a. probability matrice
b. checklist
c. request for proposal
d. critical path analysis
Question 14
Resources in a project should be used effectively because they are limited. Answer: True False
Question 15
Which of the following refers to a set of principles that guides decision making based on personal values of what is considered right and wrong? Choose one answer.
a. Ethics
b. Civics
c. Laws
d. Politics
Question 16
The _____ frame of an organization focuses on providing harmony between the needs of the organization and the needs of people. Choose one answer.
a. structural
b. human resources
c. political
d. symbolic
Question 17
Internal stakeholders include groups affected by the project such as government officials or concerned citizens. Answer: True False
Question 18
According to the symbolic frame, the most important aspect of any event in an organization is not what actually happened, but what it means. Answer: True False
Question 19...
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